Bike Friday Pocket Gnu

Bike Friday Pocket Gnu

SRAM 3x9 27 speed Dual Drive (no front derailleur needed)

Disk Brakes

Front Suspension

2 Spare stem risers for adjusting fit

1 spare stem for adjusting fit

1 set spare brake pads

BF Tools

Suitcase and all packing material

Spare shift rod

spare shift box

2 tubes



Frame size - 48 cm nominal

This bike was built for a 5'6" person. This frame design has large standover clearance so can be made to fit a range of people.The seatpost will extend to put the seat top 29" from the BB axle, which fits a 5'11" person. As shown in the photos the seat is at the 27" position from the BB axle.

The stem riser on the bike in the photos is 8 3/4" tall. There are two additional stem risers, 9 1/4" and 12" to allow fitting a larger person. Any riser may be cut with a hacksaw to shorten it for a smaller person. BF can also make a longer one for you if needed.

There are two stems, 2" and 3" extensions. Standard stems are used so you could use a longer stem if desired.

SN 16328

Frame material: Steel
Frame size (cm): 48
Distance ridden (Kilometers): 2000
Brand - Road Bike: OTHER
Model: Pocket Gnu
Rider gender:
Serial number: 16328
How long owned?: over 13 years

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