IGo Ebike

Perfect condition EBIKE, reaches 21 mph, comes with 48 volt battery, this is a pedal assist bike so it is completely street legal because it has no throttle and runs electronically. the bike comes with head lights and back lights as well as a rack in front of the handle bars, and a rack behind the seats w reinforcements, ive only traveled 68 miles in total on the bike so it is failrly new. Remeber that this is a high end bike so it can withstand long trips so long as your battery charged, you can check miles traveled, change the power of the pedal assist, and also check your speed using the spedometer attached to the handle bars. not to mention the super cool 3M accents on the wheels and backside to keep you illuminated!

Date acquired: 10 Nov 2017
Frame material: Carbon
Distance ridden (Kilometers): 106
Model: iGo
Rider gender:
How long owned?: 3 months

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