2016 VanMoof SmartBike, black, excellent condition

This VanMoof SmartBike is lightly used. It's a gorgeous bike, impossible to steal, and it's got a ton of useful features. Great for commuting to work or just getting around town.


* 8-speed Shimano Alfine internal gear hub.

* Front and rear disc brakes.

* Anodized black aluminum frame (that's metal--not paint).

* Contains an embedded GSM chip so that you can track it down in case of theft.

* Integrated front and rear lights powered by your pedaling. A dynamo in the front wheel hub charges the lights' battery while you ride.

* Specialty chain lock with storage bag.

* Connects to an app on your phone where you can change settings about lights and unlocking (iOS and Android).

* Unlock the bike multiple ways--1) with a key fob remote, 2) by clicking a button in the app, 3) touch-to-unlock (unlocks when you touch a small panel on the frame when you're standing ~1 foot away from the bike).

* Security nuts, bolts, screws to prevent theft of parts.

* High puncture-protection tires.

* Air suspension saddle.

* Speedometer.


Bike is suitable for riders 5'7"-6'10"

Straight handlebars, currently installed (best for riders 5'11"-6'10")

Comfort bars included (good fit for all riders)

More model details on the VanMoof site:


Date acquired: 20 Nov 2016
Frame material: Aluminium
Distance ridden (Kilometers): 500
Brand - commuter: OTHER
Model: SmartBike
Rider gender:
Serial number: KFB0059065
How long owned?: 9 months

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