2015 Scott Plasma 10 W/ Upgrades

Time to gear up for time trial season! This setup carried me quickly through some time trials last season and will carry you through plenty more! Very very low miles.

The frame is super stiff and aero. It will come with upgrades over stock with

(1) ceramic bottom bracket

(2) Profile Design Aeria aero bar setup - will come with spacers to adjust for up to 60mm of stack


(4) Campagnolo Vento Wheels with bladed spokes, wrapped with Continental GP4000s II 25mm tires

[Will not come with saddle]

Shifters: Dura Ace 2x11sp

Brakes: Ultegra 6800 Direct Mount

Derailleurs: Ultegra 6800 2x11sp

Crank: Dura Ace 9000 53/39

Scott's description:

Scott’s Plasma 4 platform is the basis for their Plasma 10 and 20 bikes. It utilizes Scott’s HMF carbon-fiber cloth, and is very much the savvy kid brother who takes advantages of his elder’s work, and does pretty much the same, just more easily and for less.

This bike was introduced to the world along with the Plasma 5. As a result, many of the shapes are just about identical, if a bit simpler. It’s still wicked fast, going faster than Scott’s previous best, the Plasma 3, by a decent margin.

It’s also stiffer than the 3, and as stiff as the 5. This might seem like small change, but it’s kind of a big deal. Aero bikes often sacrifice torsional rigidity to get the slippery silhouette. Stiffness improves pedaling efficiency, steering, cornering, out-of-saddle power transfer. Even straight-line riding is easier with a stiffer bike. They wanted it to handle more like a road bike. And they succeeded.

A big plus in the 4’s favor is adjustability. It works with a conventional stem and handlebars. This way, any 1 1/8” diameter clamp can fit on the steerer tube, and you can select a conventional stem or a fancy integrated one and you’ll be covered. Interestingly, the head tube on the 4 is a bit shorter than on the five. This is nice because it allows for both the stem sitting flush with the top tube and greater flexibility in setting the stem height. It also makes travel much easier.

Brakes are also more conventional. They’re exposed, rather than hidden, though the rear is hidden to the wind. Both utilize threaded direct-mount brake inserts, which is a plus for power and aerodynamics, but not every brake has a direct-mount version.

In terms of aerodynamics, the efforts here seem more subtle than the Team Issue, but they still add up. The fork integrates with the head and down tube. The head tube is shortened so the stem can sit flush with the top tube. The seat tube wraps around the rear wheel, and the shortened seat stays present less to the wind. The Plasma 10 works with most aero wheels, including rims up to 26.5mm wide and mounted with tires up to 25mm wide: it’s easy to get a plush, aero ride.

The seat post is a proprietary aero post with 10mm of fore-aft adjustment, with the saddle secured to the rail with a Ritchey one-bolt clamp, a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable solution.

This frameset comes with two sets of bottle bosses and a set of bosses atop the top tube that can be used for storage or another bottle. Seatpost and headset are also included. The frameset can work with both electronic shifting and mechanical shifting. Weight is 1450g for the frame, 395g for the fork.

The Plasma 4, with HMF carbon-fiber, makes it easy to ride hard.

Date acquired: 6 Sep 2015
Frame material: Carbon
Frame size (cm): 58
Distance ridden (Kilometers): 300
Brand - TimeTrial: OTHER
Model: Plasma
Rider gender:
How long owned?: over 1 year

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