Information about Perfecto

How it works

How it works

A trusted marketplace for used bikes

Perfecto is a marketplace, where you can buy and sell used bikes and things related to bikes.

We try to make sure that everything is sold by the owners, and nothing is stolen, but we are just the marketplace - you are buying from another individual, not from us.

1. Adding a listing:

At the moment, only riders in the US can create a listing. We hope to extend to other places very soon.

When creating a listing please include as much information as you can and include shipping in your list price. If you are a Strava user, please connect with Strava so your bike information syncs with your Strava profile. Remember to add your bike's serial number.

2. Buying a bike

A buyer browses bikes for sale and finds one that she likes. She enters her payment details using her credit card for the amount listed in the listing.

3. Seller approves the sale

The seller must then approve the transaction. If 5 days passes without confirmation, the purchase is automatically cancelled. When the seller accepts the sale, the funds are taken from the buyer’s credit card and she receives a receipt by email. The funds are held by our payment partner: Braintree

4. Seller ships the bike

The seller then ships the bike to the buyer.

5. Buyer receives the bike and marks the sale as completed.

When the buyer receives the bike they mark the sale as completed, and the seller receives the money from Braintree. If 14 days pass and the buyer has not disputed or accepted the sale, then the funds are released automatically to the seller.

How much does Perfecto cost?

If you sell your items on Perfecto, you will be charged 6% of the total sale of your item to cover charges for our payment provider (Braintree), and for the cost of running Perfecto. Note this is less than HALF the cost of selling on Ebay. These are the only fees you will be charged. If you choose to meet locally and not utilize our payment option you won't be charged a fee but will have no recourse through our site if a dispute arises. We will also be very sad.