Information about Perfecto


About Perfecto

Perfecto is a marketplace where cyclists buy and sell bikes, bike components and other bike stuff, safe in the knowledge that:

  • You know who you are buying from

  • You know what you are buying

  • ...and that nothing is stolen

Zero tolerance for bike thieves

Over 1.5 million bikes, worth over $350 million are stolen each year. The more sophisticated bike thieves sell online. Perfecto aims to eradicate this.  Unlike ebay, craigslist or other listings sites, Perfecto is made by cyclists, for cyclists and we don’t tolerate stolen bikes.

How do we create trust?

Perfecto connects one cyclist to another so that you can buy and sell in confidence. Here is how we create trust in your transaction:

1. Sign-up using Strava

We partner with Strava, the  community of cyclists and other athletes. This allows other buyers and sellers to see your Strava profile, to see detailed information on your bike’s history, and to understand how and where you ride.

When you want to sell one of your bikes, Perfecto makes it simple to import your bike details and history from Strava into the Perfecto listing.

  • Sellers: If you are a Strava user, the best way to list your bike is to create a listing using your Strava profile, and then the buyers know who you are, that you really are the owner, and understand elements of the bike’s history - such as how far it has been ridden.

  • Buyers: Search for bikes with a Strava profile - then you can click through to see the user's Strava profile and check out the bike and its riding history.

2. We encourage all bike sellers to include their bike's serial number.

Every bike made (with very very few exceptions), is given a unique serial number. We recommend all cyclists take photos of their bike,  and keep a record of their bike's serial number. If a bike is stolen, you can then report it stolen and the police have the serial number to help trace the bike.

How do you find the serial number? check out this useful guide from the fine people at BikeIndex.

When we have a serial number for a bike listing,

we check this against databases of stolen bikes,

so we detect any reported, stolen bikes.

  • Sellers: When you create your listing, please add your bike's serial number.

  • Buyers: When you are searching for a bike, there is a filter in the left navigation to show you only bikes with serial numbers listed. If a bike doesn't have a serial number listed - contact the seller and ask them to add it.

3. Facebook

If you don’t have a Strava profile, then we encourage signing up with Facebook. This makes sign-up easy, but also helps to make a personal, trusted connection between buyer and seller. We make it easy for sellers to publish their listings back to their Facebook profile.   

4. Buyer and Seller ratings

In each transaction, the buyer rates the seller, and the seller rates the buyer. If you are happy with your transaction - let others know - if you have concerns, share them with the Perfecto community.

5. Buyer-Seller chat

Before you buy a bike, and as you go through the sales transaction, you can chat to the seller on Perfecto. Build confidence by asking about the bike - how long have they owned it? Where did they buy it? Why are they selling it?